This is a concrete surface. The correct type of wheel will depend on the temperature. When it is warmer we typically use a 78-80 hard wheel. In colder weather I drop down to a softer wheelof 76-78.There are no boards but you are able to use the walls as boards for passing. As you can see,the surface is large enough for 5-on-5 play

With the United Nations Building as a great background, they once filmed a scene from "Love with the Proper Stranger"  in 1963 staring Steve Mcqueen. Here are some additional old Alumni photos from the 1970's.

1937:       NYC purchases city block- 42nd Street to 41st Street - 1st Avenue to FDR Drive from NY Edison Co. for the building of the Midtown Tunnel Ventilator Building. The area to the east and west of the building is planned as parkland.
1941:     42nd Street (Robert Moses 1982) Playground established.
1972:      East End Hockey Association - Roller hockey program begins a Roller hockey for youth program.
1982:      The 42nd Street Playground is renamed in honor of Robert Moses. It is now the Robert Moses Playground.